Why does Lint report Warn instead of Error?

ESLint by default reports Error, but this breaks webpack's build1 (in most cases this is undesired). A solution is removing NoErrorsPlugin, but this way webpack does not break even when an error occurs. We use another solution that changes what ESLint reports from Error to Warn

eslint: {
  emitWarning: true

Can I use a shorthand for a loader?

If you need to add a new loader or use your webpack configuration, please use the loader's full name instead of a shorthand. Because if the user has vue installed locally, due to the path lookup rule2, cooking takes vue module as vue-loader which lead to an error3.

// use
cooking.add('loader.vue', {
  test: /\.vue$/,
  loaders: ['vue-loader']

// instead of
cooking.add('loader.vue', {
  test: /\.vue$/,
  loaders: ['vue']

How can I use dependencies of different versions across projects?

Simply install what you need locally. Local dependencies have a higher priority than the global one.

If I need some other plugins of webpack, do I have to install webpack dependencies locally?

Not if you need another version of webpack. By require('webpack') you are granted access to webpack dependencies inside of cooking. For example

var webpack = require('webpack')
var cooking = require('cooking')

  entry: './src/app.js'

cooking.add('plugin.banner', new webpack.BannerPlugin('/** comments **/'))

Meanwhile cooking has some other built-in plugins you can use by requiring them

  • extract-text-webpack-plugin
  • html-webpack-plugin

How can I use an existing webpack config?

Take a vue-cli generated project for example. If you prefer the server that comes within cooking over the one provided by vue-cli, you can add devServer: true behind build/webpack.dev.conf.js and run

$ cooking watch -c build/webpack.dev.conf.js

Babel and ESLint configurations

Babel-related dependencies are provided without default configurations, so you need to create .babelrc and .eslintrc. Inside them you can configure


  "presets": ["es2015", "stage-0", "stage-2"],
  "plugins": ['transform-runtime']


  "plugins": ["vue"],
  "extends": ["elemefe"]

Reporting module not found when running a command?

Please check if node_modules directory exists inside your user's root directory, and delete it if there is. For macOS users, the path is ~/node_modules.

1. https://github.com/MoOx/eslint-loader/issues/23
2. cooking has added some path lookup rules for node require. It starts from user root path, and if nothing is found, it goes to cooking directory
3. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/29883534/webpack-node-modules-css-index-js-didnt-return-a-function
4. if a dependency is not provided by cooking-eslint, you can install it locally yourself